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CHAT BLANC is the animal embodiment of the infamous phrase commonly used by the 
French- CARTE BLANCHE, - defined as a ‘complete freedom to act as one wishes’. A clean 
state. When you’re free to do what you want, that’s when you tend to be the happiest. 
That’s what we, as a brand strive to embrace. Caught up in our everyday duties and 
commitments, we often forget the power of our free will. At CHAT BLANC we don’t see 
free will as a burden, but as a gift. We strive to remind that freedom is always present 
and change is inevitable. Just as the buddhist in I am Pilgrim said (great read, by the way) 
Furthermore it is also a play on words - "Chat" which means cat in French is also a slang for talking. When we talk, let's be blanc too, transparent and honest - let's stay true to ourselves and our ideas.

“If you want to be free, you must let go”.  
This is a site for everyone who seeks to do as they wish and isn't afraid of this challenge.


Bingin, Bali by @mariaaaakk

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