Sunday, 23 April 2017


As some of you may remember I recently had my lashes done for the first time by the lovely Victoria,  the creator of the Eyelash Club which currently stations itself at the Solarium Point salon in Ramsgate, Kent. 

I rarely wear a lot of make up but when I do a mascara on the lashes in something completely essential - I think we can all agree with that? Apart from that I never do much else to my lashes but I've heard a lot about extensions and lash treatments, before so I was excited to see how it all works and if its worth going through with it. I know I am probably a little behind with the times but here is my impression of the experience and I hope some of you will find it helpful if you're considering an eyelash treatment same :)

 Upon arrival in the beautifully decorated salon, I was greeted by the lively team. The atmosphere here was very welcoming and the pale pink walls really make me feel like I was in for an insta perfect pamper day. Solarium point caters for all things that we females love - whether you need a hairdresser, a manicure or a facial you'll find them all right here!

My goal that day was lashes so Victoria swiftly presented me with all of the possible options. The Eyelash Club offers there types of eyelash treatments - LVL Eyelash Perm & Tint, Classic Eyelash Extensions & Russian Volume Extensions. As 90% of the time I tend to opt for the natural look, I decided to go for the LVL treatment rather than lash extensions. The LVL treatment involves a lash lift of the existing eyelashes from the root of the lash - therefore just like a perm it creates a long lasting effect of elonged and lifted lashes. What more, the added tint provides the lashes with a mascara - like look, which is ideal for those early Monday mornings. This effect together with the lift usually tends to last from 6 to 8 weeks, which is absolutely amazing! The whole treatment took less than an hour and to this day I am ever so pleased with the final effect. Right now I am almost 2 weeks post my LVL lift and the effect is still ever so present - my lashes look completely natural yet still ultra pampered. With an added touch of mascara this effect is perfectly enhanced and ready for an eve out - what more could you want?

Overall- I am really pleased with the result and would recommend it to everyone! It won't only save you time in mornings but the outcome you'll achieve will be significanly better than that of the traditional mascara. You can see the results for yourself in the photos below. I personally think it's brilliant and I'll definitely will be visitng the Eyelash Club very soon!

To book an appointment with the Eyelash Club or to check out other beauty treatments that are available Solarium Point check out their web site over at


Thursday, 20 April 2017


Here's time for something a little different - I haven't written about beauty for a while now. I guess this is heavily related to the fact I don't usually wear a lot of makeup or spend too much time on  beauty products in general. However, it would be a lie to say that I don't have a skincare routine or brands I heavily prefer to use when taking care of my skin. Therefore  I have decided to write a little more about beauty and share some products that I think deserve to have a place in your vanity case.  As I am not a "makeup nerd", most of my products cut down to essentials - this comes super handy when travelling and I tend to opt for pragmatism when it comes to these. I also just want to mention that this post is not in collaboration with Bali Body but a purely personal review. I really enjoy sharing great products that I think live up to their name - so here it goes!

Most recently, I was after a BB cream and I came across the one in the Bali Body range. We all know Bali Body from social media as the page known for its tanning oils that posts photos of beautifully bronzed babes! Nevertheless they also have moisturisers as well as a BB cream! I am not a huge fan of foundations so a light BB cream was exactly what I was looking for and the Bali Body one seemed to have fitted with the criteria. Having tried many other makeup brands before I was interested to see what this product will be the vegan & all natural ingredients component attracted me greatly!

With its huge social media buzz, I expected to find a lot of reviews or tips which would help me to decide whether to order this product. I have to say I was surprised to find very little information about  Bali Body products in general outside of their web shop. Therefore I decided to go ahead and just order it & try it out for myself. As the reviews were scarce, I typed my thoughts up. Here is what I thought of it..

In the UK store, the BB cream markets itself at the price of £25.95 and has a 35ml capacity. The pricing is higher than the average high street BB cream price, yet still around 10 cheaper than the BB creams from the likes of Bobbi Brown. However for the quality of the product you're getting I would say cream is fairly priced. The packaging is very visually pleasing (always a plus!) and durable which is great if you travel a lot and don't want something spilling all the time in your vanity case. Speaking from experience here as I have had that happen several times with the Dior Nude foundation before..

The Bali Body perfecting BB cream comes in two shades natural & tan. When deciding between these two, I ended up going for the tan color as currently I am still quite tan after my Costa Rica trip. I guess during the winter months I would most likely go for the lighter shade of the two just to avoid an unnatural contrast.

Ok, I have to put a disclaimer here that I am not a make up expert but I don't like to use low quality products either and I do have a vague idea about beauty. Nonetheless,  from my experience of this BBcream so far I am very happy with the quality of the cream and how it evens out my skin tone (especially as I have some patches after an uneven face tan) It's not too heavy in its consistency, yet it provides the skin with an even and balanced coverage making it look super flawless!  the "tan" shade does give a little bit of colour to the paler areas of the face and really refreshes the skin, giving it an instant glow effect! Furthermore after using the BB cream I really feel like my skin is moisturised and doesn't get as dry as before. It is also important to note that it has a SPF 15, which will protect your face from the UV rays.

Overall, I am really happy with this cream and I will definitely be purchasing it again when I'll use this one up. Therefore if you're not make up obsessed like myself, but on the odd ocassion like to perfect your skin tone, you should totally go ahead and try this cream!


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Into April x Parka London


Summer is creeping up on us, yet it is taking its time.. All I have to say is that I've been having some issues with the weather in the past weeks. With some days hitting 20 degrees and others dropping below 5, it really looks like the seasons just cannot come to an any sort of agreement..
However, let's try to look on the bright side - this unstable weather means one thing - I still get to rock these kind of cosy outfits (which I really love!) As you all know I am an absolute sucker for anything streetwear related, so I paired this Parka London camo puffer from the mens' collection (naturally!) with a pair of casual knee rip jeans & a thick knit ensemble. I love the 'oversize look' in my outfits, especially for those  colder days..and it's exactly what I went for here, on this 'sunny but chilly' day in  Soho..I wanted for this look to give off that industrial London vibe that I personally tend to associate with prominent greys. I adore those on the daily basis & I think this puffer really suits such an urban climate. With their style meets function ethos, I think Parka London did extremely well with the addition of this ever so stylish print to their practical puffer jacket model.
What more - doesn't it just camouflage ever so well against the London shades? That's for you guys to decide..

In order to browse more of the full Parka London collection head over to 






Thursday, 6 April 2017

YOGA with Joy In Me

You all know how much I love innovation and am always on a never-ending search for new creative streams, in whatever I get my teeth into. On the day to daily basis-I try to reinforce this by collaborating with brands and companies that I really value for quality as well as the creativity fuelling the final product..

Joy in Me is a brand that definitely makes this cut! For Paulina & Jagoda, yoga never was just a way of staying healthy or simply an "activity" - it has always been a lifestyle and by looking at what they created, you really can't doubt that! Joy in Me is a newly established yoga mat brand that has set out to conquer the yoga world! Created by two women who share mutual passion for yoga, this polish brand firmly associates itself with the modern woman who wants to stay in touch with her feminine core.

You can really feel the firm female touch in the quality as well as in the design of the products. Not only are the mats strong and durable but they have been carefully designed in harmony with the feminine aesthetic. It is not always easy to match quality and visuals - but Paulina & Jagoda have managed to successfully do just that! From women, for women - this brand really embraces all what we as females value, which is not only strength and comfort but also style.

What more, all of the Joy in Me mats are made from high quality, completely natural components. They are ecologically sourced and are from 100% biodegradable natural rubber. Isn't this just brilliant?! On top of all this - after testing the mat personally, I have to admit that I was positively surprised!  It wasn't only extremely grippy and durable but also super soft and comfortable to use - making it a great all rounder with good looks. Furthermore, its high quality as well as multi-functionality make it very suitable for any activity that encompasses yoga elements within its practice. I absolutely am in love with all of the prints and being a sucker for all things palm tree & tropical I ended up going for "Tropical Mood" one, which one will enchant you?

To see the whole collection and find out more about Joy in Me head over to:

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