Tuesday, 26 December 2017

10 beauty favourites

I rarely write about beauty products, however in this post I really wanted to share some of my favourites that I've been loving for a while or recently became obsessed with. We all search for the "ideal" beauty routine and often are confused with where to actually start. I recently discovered my beauty routine and as it became more defined, I decided to share my favourite staple products that make it up. 

I am a bit of a beauty tomboy so some of the products are not new at all but I can honestly say that all of the products named here I tested myself on many occasions and truly advise to try these for yourself! I am super picky with products (& everything in general) and try to keep it minimalistic beauty wise, hence I boiled it down to the "worth it" essentials  that are..


I am an absolute beach bum so when I found this coconut infused salty hair mist - I had to try it. The coconut smell clearly reminds me of tropical isles I've visited and the salt gives my hair an effortless surf look. Not to mention that Herbiviore's packaging is super cute and the practical small size makes it ideal for travel. All of the products from this Seattle founded brand are made without any synthetic ingredients, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, phthalates, chemicals, fillers, animal testing, mineral oils, petroleum - convinced? There are plenty of other products to get addicted to so give these guys a browse! More at www.herbivorebotanicals.com  

KERASTASE Spécifique Bain Vital Dermo-calm

I never really paid much attention to shampoos and always bought whatever I found at the drug store with a nice scent. That is until I noticed that my scalp skin was a little dry and got some advice from my hairdresser in relation to the shampoo I should use. Since then, I've been using this shampoo for over a year now & absolutely love it! It is ideal for sensitive scalp skin as well as normal - skin type is what your shampoo choice should be based on and this is a perfect example of a universal winner! Kerastase has great products overall but this is definitely one of my favourites! More at www.kerastase.com

PALMER'S Raw Shea Hand Cream

As a med student the amount of antibac that I use transcends normal levels - we all hate germs, however this often leaves my hands extremely dry and during the winter this problem becomes especially apparent. I have looked for a practical hand cream that's not too greasy for years until I found this one from ye old good Palmers. I love Shea and the formula of this hand cream makes sure its absorbed ultra fast whilst still providing the hands with the adequate amount of moisture. I use this cream on the daily basis and really recommend it, it's a drug store bargain and my handbag essential to this day! Read more uk.palmers.com 

KERASTASE Elixir Ultime

I'm sure all of you ladies will agree that hair oils are a must! Especially if like me you have fine hair that can often be a nightmare to brush (much easier since the invention of the tangle teezer!). Hence we all know a good hair oil can be a maker or a breaker. This is another one of my Kerastase favourites. The price may be scary at first but the bottle is super economical and lasts for daaaays. Moreover after using this oil elixir I feel that my hair is much more refreshed and healthier looking. With a tiny amount necessary this is another great hair essential from Kerastase!

PALMER'S Coconut Oil Body Lotion

Another one from Palmer's that graces my beauty cabinet. Moisturising is vital and it's something I try to do after every shower. Especially as the water in most places is chalky and leaves the skin quite  malnourished. I found that this body lotion absorbs super fast and the coconut smell just satisfies the inner tropical fiend that dwells within me..

LA ROCHE-POSAY Mousse D'eau Micellaire Nettoyante (Cleansing Micellar Foaming Water)

It is no surprise that La Roche-Posay made the cut as it's a well know dermo-cosmetics legend. This fragrance free cleansing micellar foam is absolutely brilliant! I never had huge skin problems but I have to say I noticed that my skin is much more flawless and less irritated after daily use of this wash.     I only wish there was a smaller size for traveling as I do miss it when i forget to take it with me! Discover the full range at www.laroche-posay.com

AVENE Hydrance Optimale Light

Moisture has definitely been dominating this post but I guess since we are over 70% water it should! Well, in that case this light face cream from Avene is just ideal. Fragrance free and ultra light it doesn't make you feel like you just dipped your face in oil yet provides normal skin with just enough moisture in the morning. They have other alternatives if you require a more heavier consistency. Personally after testing out all of, I found this one to be the most universal. Hence I highly recommend it if you are looking for a new face cream. Learn more about Avene here www.avene.co.uk

YOPE Natural Fig Hand Wash

YOPE is a newly established Polish brand that prides itself in their natural based preservative free products!   After seeing and trying it out at my friends place I was already sold. What more I fell in love with all the scents which made is impossible to make a swift choice at their cute store. The beautiful graphics that grace their packaging are very on point and give a tasteful  touch to any bathroom. Their story started with hand washes but they make plenty of other paraben & cruelty free products such as body lotions, candles and cleaning products - all decorated with aesthetically pleasing designs. Take a peek at www.yope.me/en  !

VICHY Aqualia Thermal

We all know Vichy but this is another one of my great finds - and I'm very proud of it! After receiving a sample from my local drug store I instantly fell in love. I have tried so many eye creams and they were either too 'wet' or left a dry residue that bothered me. Lucky, the light consistency of this gel eye cream made it ideal for my needs. It successfully reduced the morning 'puffiness' without drenching my eye in dried out gel residue - winner! www.vichy.com

GROWN ALCHEMIST Vanilla and Orange Peel Hand Cream
Yes - yet, another hand cream! Funny fact I nearly missed my flight from LA whilst buying this at the duty free store in LAX - looking back - totally worth the rush as I am obsessed with this product - the orange and vanilla mix keeps it simple yet original and it's a winner for me because its not too greasy!  (you know I'm super sensitive about that..) What more, it comes in two sizes and the black packaging gives it a nice edge that embraces the stylish Australian aesthetic. All of their cosmetic formulations are organic and free from harmful artificial chemicals - hell yeah! Browse the whole range at www.grownalchemist.com

Thanks for checking this post out - I hope you found it useful! Let me know your thoughts if you have or will try some of these products ;)


Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Ocean Blue - Gozo

The isle of Gozo, lies only a twenty minute ferry ride from mainland Malta. Time seems to freeze here as the streets are emptier and the sea wilder. Yet, the architecture on this neighbouring isle won't let you forget that you're still stepping on Maltese soil..



Friday, 17 November 2017

Valletta, Malta

Malta - a perfect example that you don't need to look too far beyond your continent to find a unique destination. With the possibility to fly anywhere in the world we tend to overlook the places that are  much closer to us. Well, the beauty of Europe is that with just under a 3 hour flight from Warsaw, Poland - you can experience a completely different culture, architecture and language that has influences dating back to over 5000 years BC. With its rich historical background and plenty of UNESCO sites, Malta is like a portal that takes you back in time and makes you feel like you're on a set of a period Hollywood movie. Hence it comes with no shock that the makers of Gladiator, Troy and even the popular Game of Thrones series chose this special island when filming..

This small island country is an absolute gem that finds itself within the Mediterranean archipelago. As its first settlers were Sicilian you'll find a lot of such influence all across Malta. Whether its it in the language, local food  (the ricotta cannoli was definitely my vice) or the buildings that to great extent showcase Roman influence, you can almost feel the different layers that moulded this island and gave it its identity. The language itself is a hybrid mixture of French, Italian and English that over the years came together to form the Maltese spoken today. What more, certian words and phrases even echo the Arabic language.

As this was my second time there, I decided to explore the beautiful streets of the capital - Valletta. This impressive fortress like city is astounding in every possible way. Whether you want to explore museums, eat a deliciously fresh seafood dinner or simply roam around the streets, you'll find it all here. I personally really enjoyed just walking around Valletta and finding the effortlessly stylish architectural details that grace this city. The pastel coloured walls are to die for and naturally create a harmonious backdrop to any outfit. Considering that, I still went for a creamy coloured outfit. Here is my nude toned smart casual Valletta get up..in sneakers of course!

*Last but not least, I have a little treat for you all as you can get 30% off all designer purchases at the American Outlet store with the code MARIAA2017 - valid until 31st of December 2017 - just in time for Christmas!*



Wednesday, 25 October 2017


It's fall. That transition period which marks the end of summer and patiently leads us into the less anticipated winter time. The leaves may have already changed into kaleidoscopic colours, yet with the weather still taking it easy, I have been taking advantage of the last days of comforting warmth aka - I have constantly been rocking summery kicks and outfits.

As most of us these days, I am always on the go.  Therefore a drink that I can take with me whilst working is absolutely essential to my daily routine. Yes, I am an absolute coffee fiend and a morning without a good caffeine dose in my blood just doesn't exist. After 5 years of Med School, I have learnt that a good kick start in the morning can really make or break the day and I'm not the one to take a risk on this one..

It does't matter where I am in the world or what time of the year it is. Cappuccinos, lattes or americanos I love them all, however recently I noticed that I didn't feel too well after excessive amounts of dairy. I figured that this is most likely partially due to the fact I have replaced much of the dairy in my diet with dairy free options. For example, I started using almond milk instead of regular cow milk  in my oatmeal. I believe that because of the change in my eating habit, my stomach doesn't tolerate dairy as well as it used too, which posed a slight problem with my cappuccino habit. Whilst searching for new products, I came across Jimmy's oat milk based Iced Coffee. It's a super delicious and a great dairy free alternative to normal coffee. What more if turned out to be ideal when I am in a rush and lack the time to prepare my coffee on the hob!

Whether I am working at home on some projects, rushing to the hospital or simply waking up in the morning, coffee is an essential element to my day and Jimmy's Iced Coffee is helping to keep my daily agenda on point - home or away! Will it become part of your routine? Give it a try!

To learn more and check out all of the other coffee options and flavours that Jimmy has on offer head over to:

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