Friday, 17 November 2017

Valletta, Malta

Malta - a perfect example that you don't need to look too far beyond your continent to find a unique destination. With the possibility to fly anywhere in the world we tend to overlook the places that are  much closer to us. Well, the beauty of Europe is that with just under a 3 hour flight from Warsaw, Poland - you can experience a completely different culture, architecture and language that has influences dating back to over 5000 years BC. With its rich historical background and plenty of UNESCO sites, Malta is like a portal that takes you back in time and makes you feel like you're on a set of a period Hollywood movie. Hence it comes with no shock that the makers of Gladiator, Troy and even the popular Game of Thrones series chose this special island when filming..

This small island country is an absolute gem that finds itself within the Mediterranean archipelago. As its first settlers were Sicilian you'll find a lot of such influence all across Malta. Whether its it in the language, local food  (the ricotta cannoli was definitely my vice) or the buildings that to great extent showcase Roman influence, you can almost feel the different layers that moulded this island and gave it its identity. The language itself is a hybrid mixture of French, Italian and English that over the years came together to form the Maltese spoken today. What more, certian words and phrases even echo the Arabic language.

As this was my second time there, I decided to explore the beautiful streets of the capital - Valletta. This impressive fortress like city is astounding in every possible way. Whether you want to explore museums, eat a deliciously fresh seafood dinner or simply roam around the streets, you'll find it all here. I personally really enjoyed just walking around Valletta and finding the effortlessly stylish architectural details that grace this city. The pastel coloured walls are to die for and naturally create a harmonious backdrop to any outfit. Considering that, I still went for a creamy coloured outfit. Here is my nude toned smart casual Valletta get sneakers of course!

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Wednesday, 25 October 2017


It's fall. That transition period which marks the end of summer and patiently leads us into the less anticipated winter time. The leaves may have already changed into kaleidoscopic colours, yet with the weather still taking it easy, I have been taking advantage of the last days of comforting warmth aka - I have constantly been rocking summery kicks and outfits.

As most of us these days, I am always on the go.  Therefore a drink that I can take with me whilst working is absolutely essential to my daily routine. Yes, I am an absolute coffee fiend and a morning without a good caffeine dose in my blood just doesn't exist. After 5 years of Med School, I have learnt that a good kick start in the morning can really make or break the day and I'm not the one to take a risk on this one..

It does't matter where I am in the world or what time of the year it is. Cappuccinos, lattes or americanos I love them all, however recently I noticed that I didn't feel too well after excessive amounts of dairy. I figured that this is most likely partially due to the fact I have replaced much of the dairy in my diet with dairy free options. For example, I started using almond milk instead of regular cow milk  in my oatmeal. I believe that because of the change in my eating habit, my stomach doesn't tolerate dairy as well as it used too, which posed a slight problem with my cappuccino habit. Whilst searching for new products, I came across Jimmy's oat milk based Iced Coffee. It's a super delicious and a great dairy free alternative to normal coffee. What more if turned out to be ideal when I am in a rush and lack the time to prepare my coffee on the hob!

Whether I am working at home on some projects, rushing to the hospital or simply waking up in the morning, coffee is an essential element to my day and Jimmy's Iced Coffee is helping to keep my daily agenda on point - home or away! Will it become part of your routine? Give it a try!

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Monday, 16 October 2017


90s grain with a 90s grind. I have always been a bit of a tomboy and with the come back of the 90s sports style I feel like I have a much wider room to manoeuvre within stylistically (edit wise too since grain is in). Let's be honest - the rules that existed were totally pushed aside in the last seasons catwalks and nothing seems a faux pas in fashion as long as you won't label it as one. Sunday is the day I use to kick back and reflect upon the week that passed. I honestly do not see myself in any other outfit beside the one presented in this post. What I love about the new sportswear in todays collections would be its absolute universality. The clothes are not only comfy but look smart and with the clean cuts a sense of effortless formality is provided too - ticking two boxes at once. Wearing kicks is not a dress down but a dress up. In this case, the classic Stan Smith with the platform twist, reinvented as the "bold" is exactly the trainer I've been looking for. Platforms have taken over the sneaker world for a while now but I struggled to find my perfect match. I'm not sure if its the creamy colour way, the classic model or the soft suede (that I am sucker for!) that lured me into loving this model so much - alas, it was probably all three..

Sweatshirt, Pants & Trainers by Adidas Originals

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

USA - the parks

For years, I have always wanted to explore the National Parks that lie nestled in between the various States. The sheer diversity, colossal size and the natural rawness that those portray seemed alien to me, as I have always associated America with the two coastal landscapes that I already experienced. (Those consisted mainly of modern skyscraper architecture and vibrant downtowns of New York or Miami..)

Fortunately this time round, I managed to meet with some friends who were travelling around the United States and we ventured beyond the borders of Nevada towards Arizona and Utah. Later on we even got to Yosemite in Cali - the last few photos portray it. I am not a big fan of squashing a lot of adventures into a small time frame and I usually try to focus my trips solely on one destination within the country itself due to time limits - however, on this part of my USA trip with an effortless ease we succesffully managed to  swiftly visit quite a few of the sites within a couple of days. Hence in good company, with flawless organisation and a spirit for road trip adventures, we went out to see what lied beyond the infamous Las Vegas..

Where to start? The deserted landscapes were truly breathtaking. Small roadside towns with nothing more than a petrol station really made me feel like I was in a never ending Coen brothers movie. It didn't matter whether we hiked the Angel's Landing in Zion or simply admired the view of the Horseshoe bend in Arizona, every place brought out something different within us. The scale, the geological processes and the atmosphere was just astounding. It really made myself as well as my friends feel really reconnected with the earthly side of mother nature. The stillness of it all and yet the constant change that governed these natural formations was ever so prominent. In harmony, yet at odds. All of these places really left an impression that is just impossible to forget. If you ever get the chance to travel to that part of the Sates, I urge you to explore these and really take a bit of time to truly appreciate their magnificence.

From man made structures like the Hoover Dam to weathered rocks that graced the Bryce Canion, this is my experience of those exceptionally unique locations that define another side to the United States that I have never immersed myself into, until just a couple of weeks ago..

 My only pre-trip disclaimer applies to the Upper Antelope Canyon - where you have to pay almost 50 bucks per person and are told when to take photos using the chrome filter (yes! for real - I literally couldn't stop laughing). It's all a very typical 'touristy' venture and I usually try to avoid these sort of attractions but having seen photos of the sun bracing through the cracks of the canion on google images, I thought it would be worth a visit. You'd think at least you would learn something new ..Unfortunately the guides ended up knowing very little about the geology itself, so you don't take much out of this experience information wise. As you can imagine we heavily deliberated going but in the end thought it was a once in a life kinda thing. Hence it's your call but try to visit when the sun is high up in the sky to get the most out of it. Also, it's good to remember that all of the National Parks have entry fees which tend to be around $20-$30 per a 4 people vehicle.

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