Tuesday, 24 November 2015

KLUP, Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a place for true foodies. There are lots of new places opening, and one of them is the 'KLUP kollectief'. A pop-up store which offers fashion, inspiration for funky interior decoration, as well as healthy bites and slow juices. We decided to go for breakfast and opted for a beetroot and carrot slow juice, smoothie bowls and Sue's Bites. 

Sue's bites are delicious, sugar-free, lactose free and gluten free, so you can eat your heart out without feeling guilty. We ended up getting the salted-caramel and chocolate-advocado-pistachio cake (yes, it's even better than it sounds).  


Sunday, 15 November 2015


As a keen traveller, I've always wanted to travel to South Africa. Especially since the country looked beautiful and everyone I met from there always emitted positive vibes. Yes, people make the place but the breathtaking views sure do help. Why not travel somewhere where both are equals?

Earlier this year I ventured there on two occasions. 
I definitely got to see some of the most beautiful sunsets there - which I'm a sucker for wherever I travel. (But then, isn't everyone?) On top of this, each beach I visited seemed more impressive than the other.. I can't say that about the water temperature, which felt like it was below freezing..The views totally make up for this though!

The city itself is jam packed with plenty cool hangouts be it restaurants, bars or cafes. I'm sure there's a spot that will satisfy even the pickiest of travellers (including myself). I found that Cape Town has a really artistic feel to it and is a great place to fuel your inspiration. It's literally around every corner, which makes that process ever so effortless. From long stretches of oceanside promenades, mountains to the most beautiful wine farms, there is something for everyone. It really ticks all the boxes.

I can't lie I really fell in love with this city and I will definitely come back to visit it in the near future! It definitely found a place in my top list of where I could live. Yes, I am Cape Town's number 1 fan but when you'll get a chance to visit, I'm sure you'll think likewise.

I have to say I didn't know too much about the country before traveling there apart from the fact they hosted the world cup, however I always heard about it being "unsafe" due to the high crime rates. Before I headed out I heard a lot of that too. I can understand that for an average tourist this can sound quite intimidating but I have to say that sticking to the right areas sure does help and lowers your chances of such unfortunate events. Basically anywhere you travel bad things can happen so there's no need to be completely intimidated but countries like South Africa. Be smart and it will all be ok!

These are my visual Cape Town highlights so far..

On your list of top must sees in CT you should definitely include: 

  • Lion's Head
  • Old Biscuit Mill
  • Boulders Beach
  • Table Mountain
  • Glen Beach
  • Chapman's Peak
  • Bo-Kaap neighbourhood
  • Signal Hill
  • Houte Bay market
  • Lladundo beach
  • Blouberg beach
  • Camps bay
  • Wine farms (plenty to choose from)


Saturday, 14 November 2015

(Kiehls) Skin Routine

Knowing how important it is to treat your skin right, I've always had a little obsession with skincare products. My mum would always tell me to find the right product, and stick to it for- pretty much- ever. No fuss, no drama. And that is exactly what I did. But after a while, I decided I needed a new go-to brand and in my search I splurged on beauty/ skin products - only to realise using various products was driving my skin into madness. The one brand which won over my heart was Kiehls, and I never looked back. Kiehls' products are incredibly moisturising and hydrating, without having that greasy feel to it. The ultra facial cream will definitely remain in my skincare routine due to its weightlessness and easy application. I'm also a fan of the midnight recovery concentrate and daily reviving concentrate. I've started using the midnight oil a year ago, and love the way my face feels when I wake up - definitely a must for during the colder winter months. And now there is a day oil too (yay!), which makes sure that my skin is glowing, even when I've only had a 3hour sleep..

Let me know what you guys think, what are your go-to-products? I'd love to hear!


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A taste of Dulwich, London

Usually when I am in London I tend to stick to central. I guess because I am not there all the time, I enjoy that constant buzz. However is that the REAL London? I wanted to explore this notion, so this time round I decided to venture in a different direction- more precisely, the South, Dulwich.

There is no denying that London is like a hub made up of many different "mini towns" which is great because that's what fuels it's incomparable diversity, however it can make you stick to one area and not venture outside of it. I guess that usually tends to happen to me..not this time round though! I wanted to live the life of a real Londoner and hence I ended up in Dulwich. An area of London, previously a part of Kent that definitely carries some of it's flavours. 

I have to say I really liked the area with its green fields, hills and friendly local cafes & shops. It has it all. I even found a really adorable small book shop on the highstreet and didn't want to leave it. It's those small bespoke community stores and restaurants that really draw me into places like Dulwich. In a sense it didn't feel like I was in London but at the same time I was only a 20 minute tube ride away from the "touristy" London known to us all. 

Hence, next time when you're in London you need to step out of your comfort "district" whether it's Shoreditch or South Ken and venture out, it's definitely worth it.

Here's some snaps from the day..


Thursday, 5 November 2015

Autumnal colours in Holland

Days are getting shorter, coats are getting thicker and I finally found a flat pair of over-the-knee boots! With my height I wanted a pair which I can wear at all times, and I found them at Forever21. Even though I am dreading winter and colder days, I love how the fall season in Holland is marked by colour - reds, yellow, golden-orange. 

What am I wearing?

Dress: Topshop
Boots: Forever21 
Bag: Parfois  
Coat: Vintage Store


Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Pam Pam, Shoreditch, London

Shoreditch, one of East London's most sought after areas has so much to offer. From endless choices among bars, quirky clubs to a variety of restaurants to suit all taste all served with that laid back Brooklyn vibe - but wait, it doesn't stop there - the bespoke shops are just as well what makes it tick!

On my weekend getaway to London I had the chance to explore the area a little more and I cam across the Pam Pam store located on Bethnal Green Road. I am a very picky shopper so it's impossible to satisfy my taste in clothing or shoes. I browsed and browsed through the grafittied streets looking for something outside of Boxpark, until I came across this store. Pam Pam is a women's shoes- clothing and lifestyle store, which sells a variety of brands from Adidas, Vans Penfield to Carhartt as well as other boutique brands (more listed on their webpage).

I have to say I really loved the minimalistic decor of the interiors and of course the stocked products! I was very keen to purchase some kicks but in the end I found a perfect pair of high waisted Carhartt jeans that fit me perfectly and I decided to buy those. 

They also have an online store www.pampamlondon.com - make sure to check it out!

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