Saturday, 29 July 2017

Powder Pink

Dear all,

I haven't posted for weeks because I have been busy with my graphic design course here at Central St. Martins in London. The past three weeks have been ever so amazing and the tutors extremely inspiring in every away. As you all are aware, I really enjoy design and seeing it from a graphics perspective has really opened my eyes to a whole new world! I learnt to use the software and feel that I have gained a strong foundation on which I will continue to built upon.  It has definitely become my new passion (yes, another one) & I will definitely be writing a post about my course in order to share some valid info for those who are interested in something similar! Unfortunately with the long course hours,  I hardly had time to update the site, hence here is a short but sweet coastal post of all things pink - inspired by Adidas Originals..



Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Finally, it's summer! Summers in the city are one of a kind, however they can be a little challenging too - be it mentally (as being stuck indoors at work during a heatwave can be psychologically draining) or physically (as the demand for adequate hydration and nutrients for our bodies increases). Not forgetting - our outfits are becoming harder to choose as we try to accommodate for the rising temperatures that neither we or our wardrobes are used to.

Denim - in my opinion, one of the most versatile materials of our time. Dress it up or down it will always work in your favour. Whether its a pair of denim cut offs, a jacket or oversized jeans, I simply love how adaptable denim elements can be.  Every season it comes back to grace the pages of style magazines because of its immortal nature in the fashion industry.  Right now, especially with all of the millennial trends on the rise - I doubt that you'll find a better time to rock it!

Due to my unhealthy obsession with all things tropical -  I am an absolute fiend when it comes to wearing swimwear. Even with an urban backdrop - one pieces are of no exception. I love pairing backless swimsuits with denim as they add a tropical flavour to my casual take on urban jungle fashion in the summer. I paired this Billabong suit with a shirt, some of my favourite jeans from Joe's Jeans and a pair of the comfiest boots around by Palladium..what do you guys think?

Here is my inspo, hope you'll enjoy it!

Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

One piece - Billabong

Denim shirt - Zara

Jeans - Joe's Jeans

Shoes - Palladium Boots

Necklace - Daisyv Jewellery

Bag - Letter Bag


Thursday, 29 June 2017


Summers in the city can be great but at first a little challenging to adjust to - be it mentally (coping with a 30 degree heat whilst being stuck indoors isn't easy) or physically (as the need for hydration and correct nutrition increases) - not forgetting our outfit choices become more difficult in the midst of these scorching temperatures. Hence with dreamy white beaches and the wide ocean on my mind, here is my take on how to tackle the urban jungle in this heat..I shot this piece in the old town of my home town of Lublin in Eastern's a small but a very charming town that houses some of the most stunning architecture of the 16th century renaissance period. So here it is, I hope you'll enjoy this inspo!






Monday, 19 June 2017


Wow! It has been a while guys - but I'm back for now. I successfully finished V year of Med School so I'll have more time to dedicate to the site over the next couple of months. So yeah, sorry for laying low! However here is a most recent post for some inspiration. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed this shoot. Shout out to @delsolarein for taking shots that came out perfect! 

It cannot be denied - old school streetwear is definitely making a comeback. Not only has street clothing been successfully revived in the world of high fashion by brands such as Vetements or Off White but also from the creation of many up and coming niche independent street wear designers. With the mixing of fashion and trends - street style has reached a point of no limit. Oversized cuts, mismatched prints, shirts worn as dresses...There is room for designers, influencers and newcomers. Some stick with the masses, others carve their own path - either way you can't say this trend hasn't been an original one..

With this in mind, I recently stopped by my local skate shop. Whilst browsing tees and hoodies instore, I simply couldn't resist this DGK one. I loved the print, the detailed lettering on the arm, plus with my recent white obsession - it was a definite must have.  I have always been a bit of a tomboy and sucker for the designs that many skate brands carry so in fashion all things sneaker, street style and skate related really catch my eye. No wonder that with the shop keepers quick thought of wearing this hood as a dress - I decided to make a purchase of it & that's how this shoot came about..



Tuesday, 9 May 2017


This February I had the opportunity to see the final show of my friends Luke Quinns' concert tour, in which he supported Alexander Clare . The show took place in Paris - a city which has always been special to me in ever so many ways. Having had lived there as a child, I always try d to go back there whenever I get the chance. This seemed a perfect opportunity just for that. Here are a couple of my favourite shots from the concert that took place at the La Maroquinerie in Paris. Both of the performances were amazing and if you haven't seen Alexander Clare or Luke Quinn live yet..make sure to put it on your bucket list!

To listen to some of Lukes' songs head over to his soundcloud :)

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