Sunday, 6 May 2018


Fuji Shibazakura Festival is something I didn't want to give amiss whilst being in the Tokyo area in May. The event is roughly 2-3 hours away from Tokyo via a combination of buses and trains. Unfortuntely for us it took much longer due to traffic in the lake area that added an extra 2 hours to our trip. The pink moss that is grown there gives a beautiful contrast to the blue, grey and white hues  of Mt. Fuji that graces the background. There are 8 types of moss and each one is of different colour ranging from pink, purple to white. Even though I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of people on the grounds, it is definitely something worth seeing if you are about during the Festival. I think the view you get of Mt. Fuji is one of a kind, making this experience very magical..


Saturday, 31 March 2018

Docs and Rain

This weather is definitely not easy to work with, nonetheless it gave me the chance to test out my new  Docs - suitable for all climatic conditions..



Sunday, 11 March 2018

25 at 25

I guess being a quarter of a century old gives me a right to share some of my personal ‘wisdom' with you. Here you'll find just a couple of quick thoughts about things I have learnt in the past 25 years. I really enjoyed writing this piece and I am hoping some of you will find it to be useful. I personally find that sometimes a sentence or a thought can change my perspectives by whooping 180 degrees. By no means am I a life coach or a guru - just someone who has a lot on their mind and likes to share it. So, without further ado, let’s do this:

Be your most authentic self
No matter what you do, always be yourself  - authenticity is absolutely key. I think this is one of the most important things in life, because when you are yourself, people really notice it and find it to be a sign of character. It is the one thing that no one can take away from you and you, yourself, can carefully cultivate in the right direction. Blending in or shifting your opinions with various fashions makes you loose character and only undermines your value system. Don't try to hide your flaws or assets, embrace who you are - you're unique, because of who you really are as a person - not who you hide.

People come and go (cliche one)
This is something that definitely takes time to realise, because time is what's necessary to see it happen. As it's only by passage of time we meet various individuals and see them weave in and out of our lives. What I've learnt from this phenomenon, is that it doesn't need to be seen as a negative occurrence but rather as an inevitable aspect of life. Various life situations may place certain persons into our routine and we should embrace it when it happens, in the same way as it commences to when it ends. We give and take in life but most importantly be gift - ideologies, thoughts, opinions - our ways of looking at the world. That's what precious and we should cherish these like treasures.

Different friendships or relationships will always be different 
Coming from a person who moved around a lot and had to establish new friendships fairly quickly, this may seem like a super obvious realisation, however a couple of years back, it wasn't. As an extremely open person I believed that every friendship I hold should attain to a certain ‘we are family’ standard - naturally it wasn't. We are all very different - introvert  or extrovert, we won't behave all them same. My perfectionist tendencies definitely didn't help either, as I set standards that just were not attainable. Concluding, each friendship is different as is each relationship. It's impossible to cross compare - we bond in various levels over different things and that's what makes it all that much more exciting.

Don’t let people define you, define yourself
Don't - if you see something you don't like, step away from it. It doesn't make you a coward, it makes you brave. You realise what you want or don't - that's what's called growing up (mentally). Find individuals who inspire you and let you develop in the direction you see yourself taking. Define yourself and find people who define themselves in a similar fashion and you'll be truly happy.

Change is inevitable but it’s good
‘You never step in the same river twice’ - Heraclitus preached and he wasn’t wrong. We change everyday in so many ways: mentally, physically, ideologically to name a few. Our mind tends to associate change as something negative but I believe that change is beautiful. The idea that we can become different is exciting and even though melancholy may enter us when we think that certain people in our lives have changed, it should only be transient. Give into change and it will all be ok. 

Family is key
After years of arguing with the family be it brothers, sisters, uncles -  I’ve come to realise, they are the absolute key. If you are lucky enough to have the wonderful support that family can provide, appreciate and embrace it. Whether it’s visiting your grandparents or doing more things with your sister or brother - it’s important to stay connected. The world can be a scary place and for them to have your back, really means a lot. If you haven’t spoken to someone in years, just do it. Pride means nothing, family everything. 

Don’t take yourself too seriously 
Honestly - have fun with your life, step back and enjoy it. Coming from a person who genuinely loves making fun of herself I know it’s easy but it’s great as it really makes you relax! Be serious when you need to be and don’t try and cover with a cold front - it’s so much easier to let it all out with a laugh. I’m telling you, it works wonders.

Home is - where you are your true self
After looking back at my life and analysing where my idea of ‘home’ is. I’ve come to some personal conclusions. I’ve lived in a couple of countries and my traveller nature doesn’t make me feel like I have a firm place I would call home - with the ease of todays travel, why should I? Naturally home is where love is and where your closest ones can gather in natural harmony. However, I believe that I find myself at home in places where I know I am 100% myself whether it’s on a deserted beach or in an apartament in the city - it’s where I feel fulfilled and at peace. I think the real goal is to make the whole world feel like home - so that you're always being yourself, no matter where you are on Earth.

Less is more 
The cosumptionist nature of todays world makes it extremely hard to avoid spending our cash on unnecessary things. If you can, why not - there is a lot of beautiful things ranging from homeware to sneakers. It’s so hard to resist, I am definitely guilty here. However, after reading a lot about Japanese culture I’ve come to see how so many things are not really needed. We give or throw away whilst our planet suffers. Next time you want to buy something - walk away and think: do I really need it? Invest in less things but in things that last, even if it makes spending a little more. Minimalism is timeless and quality never goes of out fashion - quantity does.

Good to analyse, bad to overthink
In life there is thousands of situations upon which we reflect - whether it’s a finished relationship or a bad exam grade - we love to think. That’s absolutely great and even essential, however try and avoid going down the hole of overthought. It will only make the situation appear way worse and instead of reaching productive conclusions you’ll end up feeling terrible. Analyse with reason and do not overthink with emotion!

(Most) Things can be overcome
Faith and belief are not only the pillars of many religions, they are the fundamentals of life and it’s good to apply those to everything we do. It makes things appear more possible and even though in the moment the goal seems out of hand, slowly working towards it, is what will make it happen. Though often overlooked, a lot of empirical things base in a 'leap of faith.' The power of the mind is super strong and do not underestimate it. Positive thinking equals better things and you can make most things happen yourself, if you put your whole mind to it. 

Your psyche is everything
I’m super happy to see how psychological health is becoming more and more popular in the media. As a medical student after carrying out my psychiatry rotation, I became so aware just how important mental health is. Social media and other factors makes us forget that feeling sad or bad is normal - when it is! Mindfulness, hygge - it’s all in - whether it’s taking 20 minutes out of your day to mediate and reflect-  be good to yourself and take time to take care of your mind. It is your everything! What more support during your down times is key - surround yourself with positive people who will bring you up, avoid individuals who will take you down. Just because the current group of people doesn’t make you feel fulfilled doesn’t mean others will not either.

You don’t have to choose one thing in life
This is definitely something I feel very strong about, especially because it is something I really try to embrace in my life. Yes, I am just about to graduate with a medical degree but in no way do I wish to stop following my other passions - I am going to embrace them even more. Even though I spent the last 6 years at med school I have always continued to explore my other interests such as blogging, travelling, photography, videography, music or design. It’s ok to have a lot of different interests - the key is to find something that allows you to follow them along without too many sacrifices. Naturally it’s not possible to do everything - but it’s definitely possible to do more than one thing.

Don’t follow the crowd
I guess it’s embedded within our survival nature - ‘fitting in’. In some situations it’s perfectly normal - no one’s going to go into a board meeting in a bikini. However the longer I am on this planet I really see how standing out is the best (not in the bikini case). Being different is great and that’s what makes interacting with other human beings so fascinating - our differences. In the end this links up with the idea of authenticity. If you’re yourself, you’ll follow yourself and not the crowd. 

Don’t let your passions go
I’ve always held it against my parents that they didn’t make me stick to one discipline from a young age: with multiple language courses, piano lessons, ballet, tennis - you name it, I tried it. However, looking back now, I’m super grateful and I guess that’s why I like so many things! (Still, pretty let down by fact no one put in me on a surfboard age 5 haha) I guess this collage of activities came to define me and whenever I can, I try to follow my passions. Right now, I am hooked on design and I try to learn more about it as the days go by - it feels great! Don't let your passions go, multiply and grow them - alternatively find new ones.

Rituals are key
Literally this is so simple to say but so golden. The little things we do, the choices we make - they are our rituals. They help our brain make sense of our day and determine our path in life. If you do 20 minutes of yoga every morning, you’ll definitely see a change in a month or two. By cutting out crisps and junk out of your routine, you’ll start noticing the difference too. That is the magic of rituals - little by little but they make a big difference over time  and transform the bigger picture.

Patience is an underrated quality 
..and something I definitely lack. I guess that must be why I love surfing and yoga - they teach me to be more calm and collected. With a million thoughts per minute our (or at least mine) minds are in constant over drive. Patience is difficult but such a rewarding of ‘virtues’ - train it and you will only see how it will benefit you.

Cut people slack
Do you remember the super rude waiter or that work colleague who never smiles back? These behaviours can definitely be put under bad manners - but how much do you actually know about the life situation of these individuals? Don’t take things super personally, some people really do certain things absolutely unintentionally. Cut them the slack and don’t judge them. Just smile and carry on with your day as they might be having one a million times worse than you. Instead, maybe ask if everything’s alright - a couple of positive words, can really go a long way.

Health and earth
With the planet and the environment being a hot topic of the moment, I couldn’t give this one amiss. People littering in the oceans or polluting our earth with toxic smog - this is bad! Being aware of your own health as well as that of the whole planet is ever so crucial. Try to live sustainably, taking your own bag to the supermarket makes a difference as does recycling. It’s another example of a ritual - it matters! Exercise your body and mind - stay healthy and take care of our wonderful Earth.

Will = Way
It’s a great saying and I love it mainly because I found it to be so true on so many occasions. At the end of the day if someone wants to do something for you, they will. Sometimes the circumstances may not be favouring and almost discouraging. So what, I believe that just raises the bar higher and tests someones character in an even better fashion - be it that of a friend, family member or your other half. Adopt the same maxim to your own life and seek the same in return. Those who really care to be somewhere will always make it and those who don’t, didn't deserve to be there in the first place. Simple.

Some people are just not for you
With billions of people populating the Earth, the choice is pretty endless. With so many different interlinking personalities there is definitely a crowd for you. Don’t try to ‘force’ friendships or relationships - these should feel effortless and natural. Find your passion and you’ll find others just like you - that is how I see it. Even if it means going to a concert or an event alone - be brave! You’ll meet others who share your interests and you’ll expand your social circle.

Support others in their successes  
I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people who are doing well and I’m super happy for them. Whether it’s a startup owner or a blogger I am so glad to see people my age doing well in their area of expertise - it’s inspiring and refreshing. I never understood ‘hateration’ - it’s unconstructive and stalling - for the person doing it and unpleasant for the individual that receives it. Be happy for others - it will make you and them feel better!

Knowledge is the best, never stop learning
I know that some career choices don’t require ‘uni’- as many preach. Nevertheless, I have never seen a case where furthering your understanding of the world and learning something new was deemed as bad. If you have the opportunity (with internet I guess we all do)  always learn - knowledge is the only thing no one can take away from you. Whether it’s a new language, a specific uni course or a new skill, keep exploring the frontiers for new knowledge. 

Travel, but travel right 
Social media has definitely put a lot of pressure on travelling and with the rise of digital nomadism (to an intense extreme) if you don’t travel, then do you really exist? As much as I love apps like instagram I feel that this powerful movement has created a race against time and the pressure of travelling and seeing as many places as possible definitely reached a new height. In my opinion, travelling shouldn’t be about ticking things of the list and fitting as many places into your trip. For me, it’s about immersing yourself in a different culture, transiently becoming a part of it and taking away valuable lessons that help shape my world view. That is what I think should count and not the ‘must have’ photo. Take your time with your travels. It definitely feels that the world is getting smaller and as a global citizen you’ll have plenty of chances to explore our planet, in the right way.

There is no expiry dates for things in life
25 and just starting university or maybe you just finished but still haven’t got a clue what you want to do in life? It’s OK! We are all individuals in our own right, we may take time and that’s completely alright. Even though society has certain ways of telling us what to do when in our lives - it’s ok to take a year out, just like it is ok to start a second degree that had nothing to do with your first one. There is no expiry dates. It may take a day or it may take a year - just do what feels right for YOU.

In the photos I am wearing a puffa jacket by my favourite FEMI STORIES, hat by VANS and sunglasses by SAINT LAURENT

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Smog or Smug

'You are what you breathe'

We are slowly destroying our planet - that's a fact. Smog is just one of the many consequences of our careless actions. We may not feel the effects instantly but our lungs are suffering, we are suffering and so is the rest of planet Earth. In the recent years the fashion industry has been making bold moves in the right direction from banning fur, to sourcing sustainable materials and making products from recycled sources - these changes have given us hope. Fashion = change and change = fashion. I tried to combine these ideas and placed myself in the centre stage of an anti - smog campaign. In my eyes, it would go a little something like this..

PS. I don't usually work with bold colours and prefer a much more colder and desaturated edit. However in these photos I really enjoyed the strong lipstick reds of the street art against its dark background. With temperatures reaching -12 here in Poland, face mask wasn't only worn for smog reasons.



Sunday, 25 February 2018

LISBON - a guide

Europe is a wonderful continent and as much as I heavily enjoy intercontinental travel, I really appreciate the diversity that my continent has to offer. Grass will always be greener on the other side, however as I get older I begin to see just how rich Europe really is. This may seem really obvious but I think when you're surrounded by such history on the daily basis, you often forget that it's there. The tropics have always been a #1 but this time I want to take you with my on my cityscape to Lisbon, Portugal. This was my first time there and after a week spent in this unique country I really fell in love.

Portugal has always been on my 'bucket list', even though I don't like bucket lists and the only thing that's on mine is to ride a barrel wave (one day). The people are friendly, beaches & waves amazing and the food simply irresistible. After making plans with my friend Alex from the Netherlands,  we ventured West to discover this fairy-tale like city.

I believe that every traveller has their own way of exploring a city - we all have different interests and as much some things "must be seen", we weave our own way into understanding the ethos of each metropolis. This is exactly how I decided to approach Lisbon. There were definitely a couple of places I had to see such as Castello de Sao Jorge which gave a magnificent view of the city or try the iconic Pasteis with a good coffee in Belem.. Nevertheless, I left some time to simply "wonder" and get lost in between the winding streets of this pretty city.

All my accomodaton was arranged via and the places I booked were Guesthouses. Lisbon's guesthouses are rooms (sometimes with shared bathrooms) that are usually spread within one or a few floors - I guess it is a little bit like an classic British B&B - you still have the cosy, homey feel with a nice breakfast minus the hotel hustle. What more, it's a great option if you don't want to overspend on accommodation when travelling to Lisbon.  Alex and I decided to book three different guest houses Casa d'Avilla, City Lofts Lisbon and Casa Amora. All of which were situated in different parts of the city - this is definitely something I would advise as you get to explore various parts in more detail. Even though Lisbon is not a huge city it was nice to change where we stayed.

Uber operates throughout Lisbon and as the city isn't big it is quite cheap, however the Viva Viagem Zapping card is a great way of getting round the city and in between Sintra and Belem. It works just like an oyster card that you have to top up - I really recommend on getting one the minute you get there, as it works on trains, trams and buses.

Below I have arranged various sections for you depending what you're looking to do in Lisbon. By no means and I an expert nor have I included all spots - this is just a selection of some of the places and things I did when I was there. I thought it might be a handy insight if it's you're first time in the city. Without further ado then, let's go..

As I mentioned above, we stayed at various guest houses throughout out trip. We booked all of them  via Each one was very different and located in a slightly different part of the city. The hosts have been friendly and welcoming, which made us feel like we were home. What more, all of the breakfasts really exceeded our expectations- especially the one at Casa Amora. 
Chalet D'Avila Guest House Av. Duque de Avila 69
This was our first place where we stayed in Lisbon. This guest house stretched across many floors with plenty of rooms. Like in the majority of Lisbon's guest houses the bathroom was shared. However, I want to note that everything was super clean and it definitely wasn't a nuisance  The breakfast buffet was so vast with plenty of choices and the most important thing - extremely cute! This spot is located a little up from the centre so you'll have to do a 20-25min walk to reach the river, whereas the bus stops just around the corner. 
City Lofts Lisbon  Calcado do Marques de Abrantes 40
The location of this place was just ideal! Very central and just a 5min walk from the train station - it's a great place to stay if you are keen to make day trips. Yet again a shared bathroom but I have to say that everything was super clean and the breakfast was satisfactory. Unfortunately, I didn't take photos of the interior, however the decor was modern and clean.

Casa Amora  R. Joao Penha 13
Best till last - and this was definitely the case with this guest house (no shared bathroom hooray!!) The minute I saw Casa Amora in the latest Conde Nast Traveller issue, I knew I just had to stay there. With its beautifully eclectic interior to home made pastries that are served at breakfast, I really loved this place. Yeah there's more - they had a home-made cookie jar, organic fruits and complementary  port.

Lisbon is a cultural hot pot and there are plenty of activities that can satisfy even the pickiest of travellers. Here are my must go sees that often tend to end up high up on the lists of most visitors. The close vicinity of nearby towns as well as Lisbon's compact yet expansional nature as a city, means all of the places are easily reached be it by public transport or car. 

Belem is a small UNESCO world heritage side town famous for it's creamy Pastais shop. Along with trying one of those you'll find a couple of interesting museums and a beautiful Jeronimos monastery that dominates this small town. We decided to walk along the riverside and afterwards went to check out the Jean Miro: Materiality and Metamorphosis exhibit that was taking place at Palacio National de Ajuda. Whenever I do city trips, I always like seeing current exhibits like this one, hence I really recommend checking out what's on before travelling to save time on researching when you're already there - you might be in for a surprise and see some unique pieces!

Just a 30 minute cars drive from the centre of Lisbon will take you to the infamous Cascais, a small town that hosts surfing competitions and boasts beautiful beaches. It's a nice breather from the busier Lisbon (not that it felt suffocating in the off season) and a great place to chill out - Santini's ice cream should definitely be your pitstop before you'll lounge on the beach or take a surf lesson (C'mon!)

Castello de Sao Jorge
On our last day in the city we decided to go up and see this Moorish castle that overlooks the whole city. The view from here is absolutely astonishing - can't think of anything better than taking a glass red wine and admiring Lisbon as the sun sets over it. You really get to see the architectural diversity of this city as well as it's compact aesthetics. The arabic influences can be clearly seen in the way Lisbon has been built, which only reinforces it's diverse cultural history. As you go up to the castle you'll find plenty of street art along the way - Lisbon is filled with it so make sure to take some of it home with you on a couple of photographs.

Pena Palace & Sintra
This recently opened Palace has been causing quite a stir for both Portuguese and foreign tourists. Situated among the heels of the small town of Sintra (just a 30 min train ride from Lisbon) this magical, fairy tale - like 'castle' is worth the visit out of town. The mix of various colours with the sparkly tiles is definitely something I have not seen before in any palace. You can explore the interior as well as the rich gardens that spawn around the palace. This will definitely take a couple of hours hence it might be a good idea to plan a lunch in town. The Initiation Well at Quinta de Regaleira that echoes Alice's trip down the rabbit hole is another gem. We didn't end up going as we found out too late about it, but it is on my list next time when I'll be back in Lisbon. It also reminds me of the hoel in the ground Bane scene from Batman - it's pretty bad ass. Naturally, I didn't have any photos of my own so give it a good google. Definitely take a whole day to explore all of Sintra and it's hidden attractions. You can get a daily bus ticket for 5euro which will take you to all of these places from the train station where you'll arrive. All of the attractions are not close and the area is very hilly so it's worth taking this bus.

It is really hard to find a place that serves up bad food in Lisbon. The fish is fresh everywhere and prices are generally fair. In the end, it's your call to choose the vibe you want to go for  and the price tag. I am an absolute sea food fiend hence Lisbon food wise was ideal for me. I don't think I ate anything bad whilst I was there! Nonetheless, I have gathered a couple of spots that I tried and really recommend for you to check out if you're not sure which restaurant to go for. The choice in Lisbon is vast but here are my personally curated favourites.

Cervejaria Ramiro Av. Almirante Reis no. 1
If you'll ask where to eat in Lisbon, you'll definitely hear this name. A classic style Cervejaria that has a natural 'time travelling' feel to it. Garlic shrimps taste just different here, along with every other seafood offered by this legendary restaurant. Even though it's a casual place, you're bound to bump into someone known, however be prepared to spend a minimum of 30-40 euros per head - a little more than the average in Lisbon. I don't need to tell you - of course, it's worth it!

A Cevicheria R. Dom Pedro V 129
We walked past this restaurant on the daily basis as we made our way into town. With its huge octopus tentacles that dominate the interior, it definitely caught my eye. Therefore on my last eve before flying back to Warsaw, I decided to check in for a ceviche and a glass of wine.  In the end, I ended up trying their octopus with squid ink puree - it was the bomb. With the correctly paired wine, I thought that this was a perfect way to salute and say until next time to this beautiful city. 

Pistola y Corazon Rua da Boavista 16
Tacos or Tequila? You can't make me choose. If the name wasn't enough, this is lively Mexican taqueria is just too cool. Not only because of the inviting decor but the atmosphere is just on point, service is fast and their signature cocktails too good to stop on just one. Definitely try one of their special tacos with shrimps and fish - they are sizeable so order as you eat and don't overestimate your capabilities. Unfortunately, they don't do bookings so just make sure to get there earlier in order to avoid the wait, even though it doesn't tend to be too long.

Pizzeria Luzzo R. de Santa Marta 37A-C
Even if you're travelling a good pizzeria is always a great option and this down to earth one serves up a really good one. Their pizzas really have original combinations of ingredients and we were excited to try those. The dough is delicious - I would definitely try their margherita just to taste it.

The Decadente R. Sao Pedro de Alcantara
Recommended by a local friend, the Decadante is a really lively restaurant with a youthful feel to it. Come here for dinner and take loads of different appetizers to share, which is exactly what we did. That way you're not stuck for choice and can just nibble until you're full. Whether it's a fish ceviche or an octopus salad - we were amazed. If you're not too into fish their other dishes looked very good too and not only in the menu. Also, their chocolate fondant should definitely be your desert choice - we definitely do not regret eating it!


Bettina & Niccolo Corallo Rua da Escola Politecnica 4
The minute I walked in, I knew I would be sipping on the best espresso in town. This small coffee and chocolate shop is a dream for any caffeine addict. The high quality coffee juts speaks for itself and the coco is also used to produce delicious chocolate options that you'll find displayed on the counter. Their brownie is a dream but make sure to buy some fresh coffee for home like I did. They can grind it for or just give you a pack of unground beans. I also stocked up on their chocolate - the rich taste is to die for!

My Mothers Daughter Largo de Sao Sebatiao da Pedreira 49
Situated a little up from the centre is this adorable vegan restaurant. We had a delicious almond latte  here one day before venturing down into town. The decor is so beautiful and their home made cakes are not only cute but super tasty. I didn't eat there for lunch but the healthy selection on the menu looked highly appetizing. Aren't their ceramic cups just adorable?

Dear Breakfast R. Gaivotas 17
If you fancy sipping on a good coffee in an ultra - instagrammable interior this is your place. Dear Breakfast is a sizeable restaurant that serves smoothies, acai bowls, eggs benedict and various other options that you can devour for a delicious brunch. It's hidden away in a small side street and doesn't feel overpacked like some of the other hotspot cafes. With tasty coffee, good food and chilled atmosphere this is the spot to be in town.

Fabrika Coffee Roasters Rua das Portas de Santo Antao
This was one of the places  recommended for a good coffee in Lisbon, so we gave it a shot - we were not disappointed. With their outdoor section you can carefully people watch whilst sipping on a latte -   make sure to try their home made cakes, flapjacks and breads - so good! Fabrika is another place where you can buy high quality coffee.


Mercado de Riberia "Time Out Market" 
I'm definitely not the first, nor the last who will tell you to go there if you're in Lisbon. Hugely promoted and definitely among the favourites of tourists. This big market is great if you just can't decide where or what you want to eat. With plenty of food to choose from - be it savoury or sweet. The now renamed "Time Out" market really has it all. Grab a quick drink with a bite to eat and enjoy the buzzing atmosphere.

LX Factory
A large complex of shops and restaurants with an industrial backdrop under 25 the Abril Bridge. Yet again worth exploring, whether it's for an evenings drink or a spot of lunch, the LX won't have you stuck for choice. Unfortunately as it is a highly recommended spot waiting times may be a little longer at restaurants and cafes - in peak season definitely try to book ahead. 
Feira da Ladra Flee market
Our guest house land lady really encouraged us to visit this infamous flee market. On every Tuesday and Saturday all of the merchants take over the square in Feira da Ladre - a beautiful old part of the city right behind the Panteo Nacional (Church of Santa Engarcia) which you should definitely take a look at. Normal shops in the area take advantage of the affair and you'll find plenty of vintage, ceramics and antiquities stores with really unique finds. The hustle is abundant so make sure to keep your belongings safe as pick-pocketers may be around. 

Bars in Bairro Alto
Yeah, everyone says to hang at Bairro Alto - so indeed we did. As it wasn't high season and we spent most of the eves sipping delicious portugese wines at various restaurants we didn't bar crawl too much. If you're in a big group looking for a place to drink, you'll find plenty of small bars and restaurants scattered among the streets of this district - the options are endless, explore them all!

With good wine in abundance within a short walk of anywhere, Lisbon is the city of drinking. From fancy roof tops to low key bars hidden among the winding streets of Bairro Alto, the city boasts with plenty of spots to have a good drink. However, I'm sure this aspect of a city trip does't require much convincing to most of you. 

Park  Calcada do Combro 58
Situated on the roof of a parking garage this hidden bar is definitely a treasure. With it's magnificent view of the city, you really get the essence of urban Lisbon. It's outdoor section is very floral and tropical as it blends into the urban landscape. House and R&B dominate the scene, as the laid back vibe continues late into the night. 

Pensao de Amor  R. de Alecrim 19
The sailors may not stop at this old brothel anymore but with it's rich hedonist history, this bar continues to attract plenty of guests. Draping burgundy curtains and scattered paintings echo the past as the bar buzzes. Located just off the infamous pink street, you may think you've entered the wrong door but keeping going up the small steps, to find a bar with a dance floor that is always packed on the weekend. They serve up really good cocktails, so definitely try those when there.

Lost in Esplanada Bar  R. Dom Pedro V no. 56-D
Unfortunately this rooftop was closed for renovation when we went (off season perks) but it was my number one on the list. The vision of sipping a sangria along with a great view of the city was just too idyllic. I will definitely come back here next time I'm in town. It is known as the more quieter spot in town so it's ideal for a chilled eves drink.

Topo Commercial Centre Martim Moniz
With its city views this bar & restaurant chain really is great for a drink with a view. It is thoroughly recommended in many tourist guides hence they have three locations spread throughout Lisbon: one among the roof of Martim Moniz shopping centre, one in Belem and one in Chiado.

 Naturally Av. de Liberatade along with the city centre is where you'll find plenty of stores ranging from exclusive designer shops like Gucci to high street classics such as Zara. However most of these shops you'll find back home. Hence here is a couple of my favourite stores that I believe are worth taking a look at especially when you're in Lisbon, as you won't find these anywhere else.

Cortico & Netos Calcada de Santo Andre 66
A tile classic - the best tile store in town. You're in Lisbon so going into a tile shop is a must. This little close store is a great place if you are planning on decorating and really want something special for your home. 

A Fabrica dos Chapeus R. da Rosa
Hats are a big thing at the moment, but according to A Farica de Chapeus they never left. What a better way to embrace the fashion than explore this legendary, family run hat shop. They have three stores in Lisbon and sell most of the classic shape hats. I really recommend checking it out as the level of craftsmanship put into their pieces is sky high, what more they also do custom projects. Personally, I loved this burgundy one.

Fora Sunglasses Av. Alvares Cabral 28A
The minute I saw this sunglasses shop, I knew I would love what they have in store. Classic and stylish designs with Zeiss lenses can only be a winner. All made here, in Lisbon - in store. Open to customisable options, this high quality sunglasses shop should definitely be on your list if you're looking for a fresh pair.

Impasse R. Sao Jose 9
It is no use denying - I am a bit of a hypbeast at heart and this store was exactly what I was looking for in Lisbon. Hidden just a road down from Av. the Liberatade you'll find this tastefully designed multi-brand streetwear concept store. Kicks, hoodies and hats - they have it all, along with their own Impasse brand that has some killer designs.

Vintage stores on R. Sao Jose 
Just up the road from Impasse you'll find quite a few vintage stores to your right. I really recommend going in and taking a peek, as the treasures you can find inside are totally worth it! Many of these have a lot of vintage designer pieces for incredible prices along with some classic vintage store finds. Sellers are usually open to haggling, within reason.

If you're still looking for more inspiration make sure to browse Suitcase website. Their site as well as printed quarterly mag is a great source of ideas and inspirations for travel around the world.

Thanks for reading. I hope you'll find Lisbon as enchanting as I did, enjoy!
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